CoinMarketCap MOBOX Legendary NFT Sells for $60,000

Recently, a CoinMarketCap Robot — one of MOBOX’s five Legendary CoinMarketCap NFTs — was sold in the MBOX marketplace for $60,000 BUSD.

While this is typically just another big sale among many others happening within the ever-growing world of blockchain and cryptocurrency collectibles (NFTs), there’s something special about it: A lucky participant from their recent Learn & Earn campaign won this particular robot as a prize! There were only two Legendary CoinMarketCap Robots given away during that promotion—and now we know why.


What if I told you that there are five Legendary NFTs to collect? Two were won through CoinMarketCap’s Learn and Earn program, one was purchased in an auction for 88,888 MBOX tokens. One will be sold at a later date by the company outside of their platform as well.

Last week, the game company Token Master was revealed to have created a whole new experience for NFT collectors. The CoinMarketCap Robot Legendary NFTs are not just pieces of art but can also be used in this exciting new game called “Token Master” where players try and collect as many rare tokens as possible without getting caught by other player’s traps or being knocked out.